Boeing 401(k) Fund Choices

Racehorse (Higher potential growth but also higher risk than the Turtle, this can lose money.)

60% S&P 500 Index Fund

10% Diversified Real Assets Fund

10% Global Equity Fund

20% International Index Fund

Turtle (More conservative than the Racehorse, but this can lose money.  The Turtle may be a good choice if you are 3 to 5 years away from retirement or in retirement.

25% S&P 500 Index Fund

5% Diversified Real Assets Fund

20% International Index Fund

20% Stable Value Fund

30% Bond Market Index Fund

Boeing Stock Fund

We also like the Boeing Stock Fund at this time. But we are not recommending it because many of you already have enough Boeing stock because of the company match.  Personally, Lawrence & Crista Boyles own Boeing stock in their personal accounts and we reinvest the dividends each quarter to buy more shares.  Boeing stock has a long record of increasing the dividend payout to shareholders.